Product Overview
Eastern White Pine

For more than a quarter century, Eastern White Pine has been our core product offering. We have found no equal for its performance and longevity. Our unique process results in Eastern White Pine that exceeds industry standards as well as your customer's expectations.

  • S4S and Patterns
  • PERFECTPack® RL 8'-16'
  • 1x3-1x12
  • 5/4x4-5/4x12
  • Custom milling any profile
  • Custom pre-finishing
  • Specified lengths available

  • Primed Products

    We go the extra step on our Primed Products. Each board is sanded between primer coatings to ensure a superior finish.

  • 100% usable
  • 2 Prime Coats (1 coat latex over 1 coat oil)
  • 15-year limited warranty
  • PERFECTPack®
       S4S, R/L 8'-16'
       Specified lengths available
  • Sanded between coats
       Select & Finish units
  • SUPERPRIME® FJ 12' & 16'

  • Clear Hardwoods

    We offer the finest grades of Clear Hardwoods—including poplar, red oak, cherry, and maple. These premium hardwoods offer the beauty, durability, and longevity that end users expect and need.

  • 100% usable
  • Clear 1 face, 2 edges
  • S4S and sanded
  • Poplar: PERFECTPack®
       8'-16' and 12'-16'
  • Custom milling any profile
  • Custom pre-finishing available
  • Specified lengths available