Wood has long been the choice of lumberyards and the architectural community. It is beautiful, versatile, and easy to work with. However, wood is also subject to rot, fungal decay, and insect attack. LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT preservative treated, primed products provide you with long-lasting durability, low-maintenance, and peace of mind.

LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT products are suitable for a range of exterior above ground building applications including exterior woodwork, siding, windows, exterior doors and even interior woodwork.

Did You Know?

  • LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT is made with CLEAR GRADE SOLID LUMBER. That means no finger-joints and no knots 
  • LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT's EPA APPROVED preservatives offer SUPERIOR DURABILITY against moisture, rot, fungal attack, and insects
  • LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT's two coats of alkyd primer add to the beauty and appeal of CLEAR SOLID WOOD


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Architectural Community

Frustrated with expansion and contraction of PVC?
Having problems with installation and performance of hardboard products?
Worried about your reputation?

You deserve to build with the best and LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT beats out the competition to give you the product you need. You can rely on LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT to provide the natural beauty of wood along with the durability of an organic preservative treated product. LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT offers high quality and improved performance compared to PVC or hardboard products.

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Interested in improving customer experience and increasing sales? Look no further.

LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT offers you peace of mind with all the benefits of wood and a lifetime warranty. We pride ourselves on bringing a fresh approach to a timeless industry with our top solid exterior trim product. LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT is a versatile, dependable and high-quality product that will exceed customer expectations.

S4S Trim Boards
  • 1x4 - 12′ & 16′
  • 1x5 - 12′ & 16′
  • 1x6 - 12′ & 16′
  • 1x8 - 12′ & 16′
  • 1x10 - 12′ & 16′
  • 1x12 - 12′ & 16′
5/4 Trim Boards
  • 5/4x4 - 12′ & 16′
  • 5/4x5 - 12′ & 16′
  • 5/4x6 - 12′ & 16′
  • 5/4x8 - 12′ & 16′
  • 5/4x10 - 12′ & 16′
  • 5/4x12 - 12′ & 16′
Edge & Centerbead/WP4
  • 1x6 - 12′ & 16′
  • 5/8x4 - 12′ & 16′
Bevel Siding
  • 1/2 x 6 12′ & 16′
Exterior Mouldings

Available in 16ft. For more information
check out our moulding profiles.