Eastern White Pine

For more than a quarter century, Eastern White Pine has been our core product offering. We have found no equal for its performance and longevity. Our unique process results in Eastern White Pine that exceeds industry standards as well as your customer's expectations.

  • S4S and Patterns
  • PERFECTPack® RL 8'-16'
  • 1x3-1x12
  • 5/4x4-5/4x12
  • Custom milling any profile
  • Custom pre-finishing
  • Specified lengths available

  • 50% fewer knots
    No shake, stain, warp
    No wane
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    No cutting D
    No splits, face stain, warp
    Minimal reverse face wane
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    No splits, holes
    Minimal to no wane
    No face stain
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    No splits, holes
    Reduced wane allowance
    No face stain
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    Hand re-inspected to
    exceed industry standards
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    Custom Pre-finishing available on
    all Super Grades.

    Delivered in PERFECTPack® or
    specified custom length units
    so you always buy what you sell.

    All Super Grades are hand selected
    and exceed industry grade rules to
    build stronger top and bottom line results.
    Individually applied grade & length
    brand labels provide greater yard
    efficiency and easy customer recognition.

    One of New England's finest
    Eastern White Pine inventories.